Important Operating Principles:

⦿ We strive to educate outdoor enthusiasts about sensitive environmental areas, ensuring that they stay on roads and trails as designated and not wander, ride or drive anywhere else.
⦿ In areas classified as “Wilderness” use is restricted to non-mechanized access such as backpacking and equine packing. Still, we believe it’s important for people to understand the importance of staying on designated trails anywhere.
⦿ In all other areas, we actively discourage any unauthorized “off-road” travel by 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles.
⦿ We do not promote any increase in backcountry access to mechanized vehicles and believe in using only gravel, dirt, fire roads, etc. that are already designated for such use.
⦿ Our mission includes maintaining responsible and respectful use of equine and foot trails as well as roads designed for either 2-wheel or 4-wheel vehicles,  according to existing designations:
⦾ Motorized Use: street-legal and off-highway vehicles
⦾ Mechanized Use: includes bicycles
⦾ Non-Motorized Use: includes bicycles  
⦾ Non-Mechanized only: excludes bicycles