Owl Box Construction & Installation – Upper Ojai


Provide habitat for attracting and nesting Barn Owls in an area where an over-abundance of ground squirrels were identified.

  • Over the  years there has been a significant increase in ground squirrel population in the area adjacent to Sisar Canyon and Topa Lane in Upper Ojai.
  • It was confirmed that no rodenticide or other poisons had been in use to control rodents for at least several years.
  • In the past, owls had been attracted to the area by means of owl boxes in the trees around the open spaces where ground squirrels were observed.
  • A local resident had wood available to repurpose.
  • Boxes were constructed according to raptor rescue specifications.

  • Construct two owl boxes according to specs.
  • Install one box on a pole approximately 10 Ft. off the ground.
  • Install another in an oak tree near an adjacent olive grove.
  • Monitor activity and make adjustments to box and location as needed.
  • Boxes were constructed by Rodney Thompson
  • Rod installed a pole on his property on which he placed the box.
  • Deon de Wet obtained permission from the Ojai Oil Company to place an Owl Box on the property.
  • He hung one of the boxes in an oak tree about 10 ft off the ground.
  • Rod Thompson’s box attracted a pair of owls within a few days.
  • Feathers and owl pellets are regularly found below the box on the ground.
  • A nesting pair of barn owls are regularly observed flying in and out of the owl box.
  • The box in the olive orchard on Oil Company property may need to be adjusted since owl activity has not yet been noticed.