Primary Goals of The Ojai Adventure Club:

1)  To Identify and catalog both the native wildlife species and non-native/invasive plants in the areas we frequent. Working from existing data bases and our own surveys, we plan to document animals from badgers to bighorn sheep and mountain lions, as well as plantlife such Spanish Broom and Black Mustard.

2)  Consulting with experts at universities and public agencies, we are determining the optimal numbers of various species in the areas we frequent — how many acres should be preserved as a habitat for wildlife, native plant life and invasive plant life that has taken root.

3)  We support public, private and non-profit agencies in their efforts to sustain optimal levels of fauna and flora in the regions we cover. We can access out-of-the way areas to install or service night cameras, to photograph and video habitats — activities that range  from helping to document invasive plants to locating trash and illegal grow sites.  From clean-up to fixing gates, we are ready to help.

4) We seek to preserve access to trails and wilderness preserves by educating the public on responsible and respectful human activity – regardless of one’s mode  of travel – in the areas we cover. Whether one is on a motorcycle, a horse or on foot, we believe in “tread lightly” and “leave no trace.”

5) In our work abroad, we use our eco-touring activities to provide humanitarian aid in remote areas, whether via rugged vehicles, motorcycles, on foot or horseback.