PROJECT COMPLETED: Downed Tree Removal – Sisar Canyon 

Restoring full access to the Sisar Canyon Trail.

  • On January 4th, 2020, Ojai Adventure Club noticed a large sycamore tree that had fallen across the Sisar Canyon trail/road between the first and second crossings of Sisar Creek.
  • It was observed that hikers and cyclists had some difficulty climbing over the downed tree branches.
  • Site is accessible by 4 wheel vehicle.
  • Volunteers are available with needed equipment: chainsaw, ropes, 4WD vehicle to cut tree into segments and then drag them off the road/trail.
  • Dron property 40 acres is responsible for keeping their right of way clear and maintained.

  • Ojai Adventure Club will assist and facilitate removal of tree and restoration of full access to Sisar Canyon Trail.
  • Ojai AC will coordinate volunteers and provide equipment and transportation as needed to perform the task.

  • On 10 January, 2020 Deon de Wet and Rod Thompson drove up Sisar Canyon where they were joined by fellow community members Karin Dron, Tony DeMaria and David Mendoza.
  • Chainsaws were used to cut the trunk into segments, which were the dragged to the side and off the trail.
  • Full access was restored.
  • The Ojai Adventure Club thanks all involved and we look forward to many more opportunities for mobilizing the community in the pursuit of our mission to Conserve Wildlife, Preserve Habitat and Maintain Access to Public Lands.