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What is the Ojai Adventure Club?

We are a group of outdoor adventurers who care about our natural world.

We use educational, guided back-country tours – on foot, on horseback, by motorcycle and in 4WD vehicles – to protect wilderness and wildlife in four regions of California as well as in selected foreign countries.We promote respectful use of existing roads, trails and public lands and work to safeguard public access.And we have a great time doing it!


  • Carrizo Plain Monument

  • Sespe River Wilderness

  • Sierra Nevada Mountain

  • Los Padres National Forest


  • Baja, Mexico

  • South Africa

  • Thailand

Discover Adventure with a Positive Mission


The Ojai Adventure Club is a non-profit organization supported by sponsorships, donations and other socially-conscious fundraising events. Under one umbrella, four distinct backcountry/outdoors clubs run excursions and events to carry out our mission, which is:
To benefit wildlife conservation and habitat preservation by providing educational, guided backpacking, equine packing, motorcycle and 4WD vehicle backcountry tours, while promoting, protecting and maintaining the safe, respectful use of existing roads, trails and public lands. 


What Does the Ojai Adventure Club Do?

Assists Government Agencies

  • U.S. Forest Service

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

  • California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

  • Bureau of Land Management

Assists Non-Profit Agencies & NGOs

  • Los Padres Forest Watch

  • Los Padres Forest Association

  • Keep Sespe Wild

  • Elephant Nature Park Thailand

Documents & Monitors

  • Populations of deer, bear, mountain lion, fox, raptors, etc

  • Acres populated by native species

  • Acres populated by invasive species

Protects Habitats

  • Locating trash dumps and illegal grow sites

  • Photographing and videotaping wildlife

  • Installing and maintaining cameras

  • Clean-up operations

  • Repair and Maintenance of trails and back-country roads

Important Operating Principles:

  • We strive to educate outdoor enthusiasts about sensitive environmental areas, ensuring that they stay on roads and trails as designated and not wander, ride or drive anywhere else.


  • In areas classified as “Wilderness” use is restricted to non-mechanized access such as backpacking and equine packing. Still, we believe it’s important for people to understand the importance of staying on designated trails anywhere.

Primary Goals of The Ojai Adventure Club:

1)  To Identify and catalog both the native wildlife species and non-native/invasive plants in the areas we frequent. Working from existing data bases and our own surveys, we plan to document animals from badgers to bighorn sheep and mountain lions, as well as plantlife such Spanish Broom and Black Mustard.

2)  Consulting with experts at universities and public agencies, we are determining the optimal numbers of various species in the areas we frequent — how many acres should be preserved as a habitat for wildlife, native plant life and invasive plant life that has taken root.

Motorcycle Riding

Four Wheel Driving

Equine Packing

Hiking & Backpacking


My Philosophy

Looking back on a lifetime of worldwide backcountry adventure travel and almost two decades of practicing and teaching Yoga & Mindfulness, I feel truly blessed to have so many fond memories. A native of South Africa who has lived in California for 30+ years, I have come to understand that spending time off the beaten track is a spiritual experience that brings us in harmony with nature and allows us to interact with a region’s particular animal and plant life. For myself, as for many others, there is added meaning in giving back, by making a positive contribution to the health and vitality of the habitats we interact with.

I still find it fascinating that a mechanical device such as a motorcycle can be an effective vehicle for accessing states of enlightenment so similar to those that one might strive for on a more formal spiritual path such as meditation or yoga.

Responsibly riding a motorcycle or a 4-wheel vehicle both off-road and on – in a way that respects and preserves the fauna, flora & indigenous culture of the natural environment – can be a wonderful way to explore one’s personal ideas of both inner and outer mobility. 

I have found my journeys into the wilderness to be incredibly helpful in pursuit of the core values that I hold most dear: the cultivation of compassion, the clarification of consciousness, and the generation of goodwill. 


Board of Directors

Deon de Wet

Deon de Wet

Founder, President

Deon says:
“I find it fascinating how something mechanical, like a motorcycle, can be so useful and effective as a vehicle/device for accessing some states of enlightenment that are so similar to those that one could strive towards on a more formal spiritual path.”



Greg McMillan

Greg McMillan

Board Member

Greg says:
“When I am not involved in organizational work you will find me tending to my olive orchard and grass-fed herd of cattle; traveling to experience foreign flora, fauna & cultures; keeping a close watch on my beloved Carrizo Plain; or (too seldom) just sitting on my patio with my binoculars and a bird book, just waiting for the sunset.”


Meline McWhirter

Meline McWhirter


Meline says:
“In life, I always look for the adventure. Traveling to new places, meeting new people and introducing my son to the world is what keeps me happy and engaged in life. Making meaningful connections with people brings me great joy.”



The Ojai Hiking Club


The Ojai 4WD Club


The Ojai Equine Club


To find out how you can get involved…

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